Fall Leaves and Fruit
Concord Grapes
Daisies and Rosebud
“Since the early ’70’s, I had the practice of getting up close to my still-life’s–my eyes were usually within one foot of the objects on the table. Furthermore, as I scanned a still-life, I imagined myself to be very small and traveling among the–now as big as a house–objects. The still-life, then, became a fascinating spatial experience. To help the viewer to experience these ‘places’ as I did, I painted them–in oil–ten times life size. The iconography of flowers, and of fruit, painted large, with robust, bulging forms, speaks of fecundity, ripeness, vitality. ”
Autumn Tableau #1
Autumn Tableau #2
Autumn Tableau #3
Autumn Tableau #5
“So entranced was I with parts of the still-life (I imagined them to be little worlds of their own) that I decided to paint sections of this still-life place. I discovered some unique realms. Cropping is a powerful tool for the artist. ”
III - WISE SAYINGS 1982-1985
Wise Sayings #6
Wise Sayings #8
Wise Sayings #9
Wise Sayings #11
“The potential to discover and explore more realms in a group of objects led me to do eleven paintings from this still-life. Along with the new medium (watercolor) came a shift in my way of reacting to the realms. The paintings became more stylized and flatter; straight lines and compass-curves abound. These paintings seem to be about style and verve. The color is soft and harmonious.”
The Magician #3
The Magician #2
The Magician #13
The Magician #16
“This is a complex still-life, the left side representing the Magician (the faceted crystal), with the Sea in the middle (sea shells, the fringe of the rug like a breaking wave), and the Muse on the right (Reproduction of the head from Ingres’ Odalisque). I painted sixteen sections of this still-life, sweeping from left to right. The trend begun in the Wise Sayings series of stylizing, morphed into not only stylizing, but pure play in which I could no longer pretend that I was being faithful to what I saw. I became the Magician, inventing as well as discovering. ”
V - ARCHETYPES 1990-1998
Wonderful You
Let Me Introduce Myself
Rolling to Paradise
“I had such fun painting the head of the Odalisque in the final painting of the Magician series that I decided to try painting a person. Wonderful You is from a photograph of my wife, Simone. Painting from photos of people led me to working for several years from photos, pictures in magazines and newspapers, and stills from videos. Working in a free, intuitive way from these sources, I tried to capture the archetypal essence of each. My collection of characters includes, among others: A magician, a sleazy businessman, a shouting man, a pleading woman, and a sleeping woman.”
Self Portrait
Simone in Sunlight
Scarf and Handbag on Chair
“Eight years of doing highly exaggerated and simplified figures from photographs left me longing to create substantial form again. I found a rich mine of potential in my living room. Working with a pencil I went back to my roots in perception by following closely the sight seen. The drawings (pencil paintings) attempt to re-create the experience of that serene, numinous space with its contents of people and cherished objects fully rendered in light. I felt, at times, that my pencil point was on the people, experiencing them fully. ”